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Power you're home with confidence. We understand going solar can be complicated. That's why Iowa Solar Pros is your solar guide every step of the way.

Solar Energy Provider
Solar Benefits
Solar Panels Save Money
Solar Increases Your Home's Value

Solar Panels Save Money 

Lower monthly utility bills and financial returns are major incentives for going solar. 

Solar Increases Your Home's Value 

Solar panel installation to your home is viewed as a home upgrade, meaning you will likely increase your home's value when selling. 

Solar Panels Are A Renewable Source of Power
Take control of your energy with solar

Renewable Source Of Power 

Solar energy improves air quality and reduce water use from energy production which is critical to protecting humans, wildlife, and ecosystems. 

Control Your Energy 

Typically you don't get to choose your utility provider. Take control back over your power. 

Home Solar Installation

What Our Customers Are Saying

Joe S.

Incredibly easy to work with and extremely responsive.  They took care of everything ranging from working with the electric company, the HOA, and installation. Great company to work with!

Amazing work, great team of people, and great communication even after the panels install I still call them with questions.

Highly recommend. Helped me through the whole process and high quality work!

Daniel H.

Brandon B.

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